Haircuts for people who can't have their haircuts at hair salons and barber shops because of some difficulties like developmental disabilities.

We never force anything on them! Try to overcome everything step by step!
We try to have SMILE HAIR CUT with each child's conviction and acceptance.

Many children with developmental disabilities cannot go to any hair salons and barber shops. SMILE HAIR CUT is for these children.

Some children with developmental disabilities panic or are overstimulated because of the sounds of clippers and hairdryers. And some others are afraid when they come in shop for the very first time.

In order for them to have their haircuts at any salons in the near future, we try to meet each of their needs by practicing haircuts with them through a step-by-step process.

All of the skills of our haircuts are based on Applied Behavior Analysis and some visual approaches. We always try to improve our skills and create many ways to cut so that our methods or techniques are well designed for each child. So every child could feel relieved to have haircuts little by little.

Expanding related salons of SMILE HAIR CUT all over Japan.
We, Nonprofit organization SORAIRO PROJECT KYOTO and our fellows, have the same goal which is for SMILE HAIR CUT project to become a natural, ordinary, and usual event to every salon and to every child.
If we make this dream come true, we will all have big heartfelt smiles.


We made a PV of SMAILE HAIR CUT to promote and spread this project to many hairdressers and let them understand many children with developmental disabilities.
Inside and outside the industry, as professionals, we all need to do our best for all children including children with developmental disabilities.
"Professionals" refers not only to social workers or educators, but to all professional workers.
If we create and improve the situation around these children, we could create a better world full of kindness and heartfelt smiles. We deeply hope that is so.


  1. 1First of all, please call us!

    Please chose your best SMILE HAIR CUT SALON near your house.
    After that, please call or send a mail to a staff of SMILE HAIR CUT.

    Click here to find out SMILE HAIR CUT salons.

  2. 2Get counseling in advance!

    Please tell us anything! What's your child's problem? How was their cut before? What did they like or dislike?
    The most important first step is to let your staff understand your child well.
    Moreover, consulting and sharing together how to get haircuts for each child.
    It became the very important first step for every child!

    * We never force them to have haircuts! Because it never makes SMILES!

  3. 3Decide where to have your hair cut!

    • Haircuts at home
    • Haircuts at salons after closing
    • Haircuts at salons during opening

    Let's decide the start line of haircuts together during counseling.
    Which is the best way for your kids?
    Please think of children's and parents' opinions or wishes together!

    * There are some legal requirements about haircuts at home.
    * Each salon has its own rules and styles so please ask your stylist about your requests!

  4. 4Get along well with your stylist!

    Most children cannot have their haircuts for the first time!
    So take your time and just get along with your stylist first!

    We always start from making all children's understanding and peace of mind, "Salons and hairdressers are not afraid to you!"

  5. 5Take your time! Let's try everything step by step!

    Each child has their own different pace. Some children can have their haircuts smoothly for the first time but some cannot even go into salons. SMILE HAIR CUT is trying to find each child's pace step by step. What can your child do? It's the best start line! In the end, we try every child sit on the chair and have their haircuts with full of smiles!

    Don't be rushed and let's praise children and celebrate what they can do or could do.
    Discovering the positive points and having a confidence are very important!

* Please bring spare clothes because your children might have some difficulties.
For example, they are not good at putting on a smock or cutting hair on their neck and back might be unpleasant.

Requests to parents

DON'T FEEL SORRY AND APOLOGIZE TO YOUR STYLIST even when your child is in panic.
Don't scold and give your child a warning. All their behaviors have reasons.
First of all, please try to discover the reasons, PRAISE CHILDREN A LOT AND CELEBRATE WHAT THEY CAN DO OR COULD DO.

They would hate haircuts, if we scold children, apologize to stylists and staffs, or make troubled expressions during haircuts. But if PARENTS ALWAYS HAVE HEARTFELT SMILES DURING HAIRCUTS AND PRAISE THEM A LOT, all children can love to go to hair salons and change their hairstyles!

We all have manuals of SMILE HAIR CUT but all children have their own best manuals in them. So, we try to discover them step by step. Please help us to discover their own best ways together!

The skills and experiences of stylists are different but all stylists always try their own best and have learned at any time!

Please take the very first SMILE HAIR CUT step together!
Please feel free to contact us soon!

Click here to contact us!
* tax included
Menu Price
Haircuts at salons 3,900yen (up to 12 years old)
4,200yen (from 13 to 18 years old)
4,600yen ~ 5,700yen (adults)
Haircuts at home Price written above + Travel cost
* please check the price list below

Price above is price at a salon "Peace of Hair" in Kyoto.
Please ask the price to your salon.

Visiting price(travel cost)
* If you live far from your nearest salon, please ask your staff you can offer a discount or not.
area price
inside Fushimi area 2,000yen ~ 3,000yen
outside Fushimi area 3,000yen ~

* Sorry, home visits by head director Akamatsu are not available now.

We are always waiting for new stylist friends from all over the world to try SMILE HAIR CUT together!

Let's discover children's full smiles together!
We hold seminars about SMILE HAIR CUT.
Please feel free to contact us at any time!

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